Media Release: Council approves issuance of RFP for an MCR

Collingwood, ON [25 April 2017] – At its meeting held last night Council approved that a Request for Proposal (RFP) be issued for the completion of a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR), to examine the Town’s employment lands.

At the Council meeting held March 27th, 2017, Municipal Solicitor John Mascarin as well as Provincial and County representatives all confirmed that a Municipal Comprehensive Review is a requirement to any further consideration of the hospital’s preferred site on Poplar Sideroad.
With the issuance of this RFP the Town is taking a proactive approach in assisting with moving the hospital redevelopment process forward. “Council wants to assist the hospital board with plans for redevelopment wherever the province determines the most suitable location is for serving the region,” said Mayor Cooper.
Having the MCR in place will allow the province, town and hospital to have the necessary information with regard to the hospital’s preferred site and avoid any potential delay in the decision process.
A future meeting between the Town Council and the Hospital Board has been requested by Council.
For more information, contact:
Communications Officer
Christa Carter
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3293
Chief Administrative Officer
John Brown
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3231
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