Media Release: Water Does Wonders - Celebrating Canada Water Week

Collingwood, ON [13 March 2017] – Don’t forget your water bottle! Refilling your empty water bottle is easier than you think.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is working with the Town of Collingwood and local businesses to help make water the easy choice when it comes to quenching your thirst.

The Blue W program encourages people to carry a reusable bottle by promoting municipal tap water as a healthy and easily accessible alternative to purchasing drinks.

Businesses participating in the program will have a Blue W decal posted in their window. This invites customers to fill up their bottles with tap water at no cost and with no pressure to make a purchase.

To find a Blue W water bottle refill location near you, visit The Blue W website at

Water bottle refill stations are also available in municipal facilities including the Collingwood Public Library, Centennial Aquatic Centre, Eddie Bush Memorial Arena and Central Park Arena. Students at all Collingwood elementary and secondary schools can fill their water bottles at refill stations in their schools.

Programs such as Blue W and the water bottle refill stations help encourage people to choose water first for thirst by making water the easy choice.

“We know that kids consume a significant amount of sugar from sweetened beverages,” said Jennifer Parker, Local Project Manager of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. “Water has zero calories and no sugar, making it a healthy choice for staying hydrated throughout the day.”

If you needed another reason to choose our tap water, did you know that Collingwood’s drinking water has received a 100 per cent compliance rating from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change?  In January 2017, the Town of Collingwood announced that the drinking water system was inspected and found to be in 100 per cent compliance with Ministry regulations. That’s something to be proud of!

Don’t have a reusable water bottle? No problem. As part of Canada Water Week from March 20 to 27, the Healthy Kids Community Challenge and the Town of Collingwood will be offering free reusable water bottles at Town Hall, Centennial Aquatic Centre, Collingwood YMCA and the Collingwood Public Library, while supplies last.

Canada Water Week is a celebration of water from coast-to-coast-to-coast coinciding with World Water Day on March 22nd. What better way to celebrate water than to choose tap water as your first choice for thirst. Water Does Wonders!



For more information, contact:

Communications Officer
Christa Carter
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3293



Healthy Kids Community Challenge
Local Project Manager
Jennifer Parker
T. 705-444-2500 Ext. 3260
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